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Enough Records is a netlabel. Active since 2001. Based out of Portugal.

losing my hearing in my left ear after a concert, already affecting my enjoyment of music

as if i needed another reason to end myself

Noise, melancholy and escapism: わたしのココ

Introduction to the experimental pop-noise virtual band from Japan, わたしのココ.

Toei, In-betweening, Tezuka, Labor Movements and Rintaro

Some backstory to old Mushi Pro, Toei and Madhouse times, their directors and relationship with the leftist labour movements of the time.

What happened to Shoujobyou, Blasterhead and Orochi

A look into the development disaster of the never released visual novel Makki, Shoujobyou

moving my longer term articles to a dedicated blog

went to see maximum the hormone the other day, it was insane, probably one of the most energetic bands i've seen

updated to postgresql 9.6 that definitely took a while

@lain hi, i'm thinking of testing out pleroma, are there advantages of running the pleroma server over just the pleroma FE?

Nakaya is an illustrator born in Hyougo; he presented this short as an art project in Tama Art University in Tokyo and I'm always impressed by its quality (even though it's his first and only animation so far) and I hope he gives another try at it. Some of his manga works can be found here:

I'd like to share once again this independent animation by Nakaya Kouhei, a silent short with beautiful art and storytelling

Indie Anime "a reflection of one's mind"

restarted sidekiq and after 15 mins i'm suddenly getting a flood of new posts ranging from 1 sec to 1 day ago

i sure love having federation issues all the fucking time

hey guys just got suspended from twitter for quoting a bill hicks rant about how hitler should've killed everyone not just jews

i think it's pretty clear it's an anti-discrimination message

君はまた世界へ還る - アリスシャッハと魔法の楽団

@lain hi, for some reason i can't see your updates from - are you not getting mine as well?

i'm in an install spree so i guess i'll try pleroma as well

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