@augustus you see the world like a star wars movie lmao that explains a lot

tried subscribing to a relay but my federated TL is full of news bots now, liberame from hell

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spent a fair bit of my outside bass time trying to get a decent take of this unusual part that I kind of co-wrote with my brother — and this is.. close enough #basstodon

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self-identified progressives embracing puritanism is the lamest twist of the decade

japanese twitter seems to be having a meltdown regarding the new porn rules so i'll just leave this up

set up DNSSEC, dunno why i didn't do it earlier

my xmpp server is now fully xep spec compliant; registration is open if you want an account omaera.org/server#xmpp

loving this 7/8 shit // King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The Fourth Colour youtube.com/watch?v=mTZ6pBwCfY

@Elizafox weed sucks for me cause it makes me paranoid, lsd on the other hand i would say it's the best experience i've had on this god damn planet, unironically

going through old doujin music, feels like i'm back in 2001 u.omaera.org/3PHky26.opus

@pdx@mstdn.io did you fix this? i'm also having federation issues, is there something else i have to configure?

@Gargron what's the interface? something like the scarlett 2i2 should be enough

back to stable/rc, using master blew up on my face eventually

@King nvm, just set up a pleroma instance and i'm having the same exact problem

@King mastodon is just a pain in the ass to set up (it's nice to use though which is why i have it), have you checked sidekiq queue? for any reason it can get stuck with unqueued items and federation starts acting funny

how to fix mastodon federation issues:
1. clear sidekiq queue

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